Keith Auld - A Brief History

Cue doctor Keith Auld has had professional snooker players crying down his phone in the middle of the night.

Originally based in Wimbledon, South London, Auld moved to Locks Heath in 1990.

He has made cues for Jimmy White, Stephen Lee and many other top players.

In fact, Tony Meo won the 1989 British Open with an Keith Auld cue.

Tony Meo

Tony Meo

Jimmy White

Jimmy White

"A cue is very personal," he said. "If you break it, you're going to miss it. It's something which becomes an intrinsic part of you - like having an arm. I used to get them phoning me up in tears at two o'clock in the morning."

Keith Auld, who featured on BBC TV's South Today in 2006, advises players not to leave cues in their cars. He said: "If you leave them in extreme temperatures, cold or hot, the joint will fall out or the ferrule will become loose. "The wood will react to the temperature in a different way to the metal."

Keith Auld's son Danny, now an estate agent, was a professional in the 1990s. His other son Jimmy was also a fine player. Auld himself has played a couple of matches (won one and lost one) this season for Park Gate RBL B, who lead the Southampton & District Social Clubs League's Premier division. Team captain Paul Tavender said: "Keith's a nice guy who tries his hardest when he has helped us out."

Keith Auld on BBC, South Today on 2006

In the mid 1980s, Dave Mumford turned up without his cue at Chalkies in Eastleigh for a game with Dave Ashley. The late Jim Watts leant him a one-piece ash cue. "I made a 120, 101 and 90 in the first three frames," Mumford recalled. He bought the cue for £30.

Years later, after problems with the ferrule, Mumford asked Keith Auld to lengthen it and turn it into a three-piece. He said: "The cue was special to me and Keith Auld knew that. To this day, it has never let me down. He is thorough and a good craftsman."
Dave Mumford

Dave Mumford

Suzie Opacic, from Brambride is a top snooker player, Ladies’ World Junior Champion and based in Hampshire.

Recently using one of our latest handmade cues and has been pleased with results to date.
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Suzie Opacic

There's not much that Keith Auld can't do to a snooker cue. As well as hand-making them and repairing splits, he can lengthen, shorten, straighten and re-joint cues. Keith prefers meeting clients face to face in his Nissen Hut in Locks Heath, Southampton.

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